01 September 2012

APi RS Coilovers

I had BC coilovers and sat in cars with Tein Suspension... My verdict was Coilovers = Back Shattering, guts churning and butt torturing rides, totally unsafe for road use (Imagine uneven road when the car will just bounce off at high speed, try going round a bend with road strips....)

Then my friend came along and recommended APi Coilovers which he tested and found it to be very good street performer.  Wanting to have the versatility to able to do height adjustments and damping (I was on Koni Yellow with stock springs after I threw out the BC coilovers), I decided to give coilovers another chance and order a set of APi RS with stock spring rates.

"APi Racing, in short for Australian Performance Innovations, was founded by Wei Kewei in 2011. Though an local Singaporean branding, the brand is named 'Australian Performance Innovations' as a form of tribute to his Australian counterparts, factories and friends who have provided him the necessary support, knowledge and technical specifications." Info extracted from APi website.

The coilovers looks very well built, full damping and height adjustable.

The damping control knobs looks good.

The Type RS in place

New Stance!!

Initial verdict... Fantastic road holding with comfortable ride feel.  I did not expect to get such great results. 

My damping setting are 50% on the rear and 62.5% on the front.

I going to push it harder to test them out fully and update again on this post.  But I do not think I am going to be disappointed.