26 September 2014

Mechman Alternator for EG6/DC2 B16 B18C

Got a another nice surprise from the mailman 3 days ago :)

But I got another 'surprise' when I opened the box... 

I had sent a email to mechman regarding the damage, hope they will reply soon to advise on what can be done.  The shipping of the item to my location cost almost US$100, I do hope they can send a free replacement instead of getting me to ship this back for repair..

Update: 4 Oct 14
The conclusion from MECHMAN, the damage is due to shipping.  It is up to me to claim the damage from the shipping company (SINGPOST). 

Anyway, MECHMAN is kind enough to offer to ship the replacement for the plastic piece surround the positive post.  I will try to "repair" it myself (mostly likely only involves bending back the post).

EG6 Spoon Bonnet

Just a better look at the SPOON Bonnet for those who are interested. Do remember the shine on the bonnet was achieved after 4 coats of lacquer. Do not expect the bonnet to shine like this out of the box!

24 September 2014

Come Back

Had new paint job recently. Had the old putty removed and sanded down :)
Favourite part is the brand new SPOON CF Bonnet. The bonnet is real light compared to the Seibon, and it is very rigid (No drooping of bonnet when prop up). However, the finishing of the bonnet and the CF layering is not as good.  There were a lot of dips on the bonnet and it only had resin finish, thus its doesnt really shine.  I had to get lacquered for four layers to get rid of some of the dips.  It is purely function over form kind of CF bonnet.