30 September 2010


I didnt really like the EG9 seats that came with the car. I was deciding between DC2 seats or the original EG6 seats. (Too bad I cant find the SIRII seats which is quite unique). In the end, I decided to go back to EG6 seats (everyone else was having Recaros ;p). The seats I managed to source for, had some problems with the brackets that was holding the back rest and seats together (not the railings). Therefore I had to do a swap with the EG9 seats I had. It was a simple but tedious job, I will update this post with the process next time.
EG9 Seat

EG6 seat
Another step closer to original :)

Wiring Part 1: under the dash

I will be trying to tidy up the wiring for the car. This is before I started working on. 
Mess under the Dash
 As u can see it hell of a mess, I had tidy up quite a bit, but not quite finish yet. I had removed metres and metres of wires that are not used or properly terminated, cable tied loose wires. The next step will be to re-tap some of the wires and trim some excess wires, finish them off with soldering and heat shrinks.

29 September 2010

Red EG6

Official date as a owner 24 Jul 2010 :)

Thanx to the previous owner, Melvin. He had restored most of the car to a very good state, including the interior, no forgetting the fantastic paint job. The car runs fantastic, no major problems, just some wear and tear which is expected of a near 20 years old car. I will continue with the restoration and slight modification to the interior, but first I will be sending her in for a bit panel beating to get a better fitting for the headlights, bonnet and rear bumper.

Reliability comes first, follow by comfort before performance ;)

Red EG6