04 January 2011


I had the Hondata for a while, but didnt get to install it and dyno-tuned until recently. I was running on APEXI VAFC2 beforehand.  

(Yes I know, the wiring is kind of a mess due to the VAFC2.  I will be getting it tidy up soonest.)

I am impress with the S300 due to the amount of parameters that be controlled. through the ECU. Simple stuff like things like Fan operating temp, idling fuel trim with respect to coolant temp, A/C switch off rpm, datalogging etc.  (Note to POWERFC Fans: POWERFC may be just as good or better, but I didint get a chance to play with the Tuning Program ;p)

The result after the dyno-tune was 11hp increase in horsepower and 10nm increase in torque, but u will also notice the drop between 5000-6000rpm range, which most likely mean that I have to it road tune too.

At the same time, I did find the engine was running a bit rich beyond 5000rpm at AFR 12.0 (Although it was running at 11.0 - 12.0 with SAFC2 before the tuning), so I decided to lean the fuel over  5000rpm band to AFR 12.5 which resulted in better response and power (butt dyno ;p). 

I would like to lean it further to 13.0 but I will only do that when I am able to monitor the exhaust temp.

I must make it clear that the original SAFC2 in my ride was only road tuned and it was doing well in terms of power and fuel economy.  But I feel that due to the original ECU close-loop functions, any tuning done on the SAFC2 will not be accurate in the long run. (however, a simple reset of the ECU once in a while will overcome this issue I guess)

Air Intake

This is the previous air intake piping with APEXI air filter.

I was thinking of changing the Air Intake, until I came across a used PasswordJDM Kevlar Air Intake for a good price.  Initially, I was just going for the looks and I wasn't expecting any significant performance gain... Boy was I wrong!  The throttle respond improve significantly after the installation!

One thing to note though, the PasswordJDM Kevlar Air Intake is bit on the soft side. You can easily press down on the intake.  Anyway, I feel that any aftermarket air intake which is shaped the same will provide the same kind of throttle respond.  So if u wanna save cost, just get any cheaper alternative and couple with a good filter :)

Battery relocation - temp job

I was kind of busy and wasnt able to update much recently ;p

Anyway, I have connected up the batteries for the time being just to get it going.

Dont mind the messy wiring, this is just a temporary solution until the rest of the parts arrive. 

Basically, just connect the batteries in parallel. Positive to positive and the negative to the ground.  U can use any part of the chasis as ground, as for me I have choose to use the strut tower as my grounding point.

As what I had in mind, I was able to place back the 'boot box'.

Running the wires to the engine bay take a lot more effort as I had to remove all the seats to run the wires under the carpet. 

I had choose to drill a hole at the firewall to run the wire through. I have clear area just next to the air-con exchanger drainage.  Remove the glove box first to make your life easier if u want to drill a hole to run your wires.

I used a proper wire grommet to prevent water from entering the cabin and also to prevent rubbing on the wire.

View of the wire grommet from the engine bay.