26 September 2014

Mechman Alternator for EG6/DC2 B16 B18C

Got a another nice surprise from the mailman 3 days ago :)

But I got another 'surprise' when I opened the box... 

I had sent a email to mechman regarding the damage, hope they will reply soon to advise on what can be done.  The shipping of the item to my location cost almost US$100, I do hope they can send a free replacement instead of getting me to ship this back for repair..

Update: 4 Oct 14
The conclusion from MECHMAN, the damage is due to shipping.  It is up to me to claim the damage from the shipping company (SINGPOST). 

Anyway, MECHMAN is kind enough to offer to ship the replacement for the plastic piece surround the positive post.  I will try to "repair" it myself (mostly likely only involves bending back the post).

EG6 Spoon Bonnet

Just a better look at the SPOON Bonnet for those who are interested. Do remember the shine on the bonnet was achieved after 4 coats of lacquer. Do not expect the bonnet to shine like this out of the box!

24 September 2014

Come Back

Had new paint job recently. Had the old putty removed and sanded down :)
Favourite part is the brand new SPOON CF Bonnet. The bonnet is real light compared to the Seibon, and it is very rigid (No drooping of bonnet when prop up). However, the finishing of the bonnet and the CF layering is not as good.  There were a lot of dips on the bonnet and it only had resin finish, thus its doesnt really shine.  I had to get lacquered for four layers to get rid of some of the dips.  It is purely function over form kind of CF bonnet.

14 January 2013


Sorry for the lack of updates.  This is because I am busy preparing for my big day! Happy new year to all HONDA die hard!

28 December 2012

AEM Fuel Regulator

Finally installed my AEM fuel regulator after storage for 2 years ;p

This is my custom made fuel regulator with a metal diaphragm instead of a normal rubber type.  It is able to withstand more than 150psi of fuel pressure (I am running at 90 psi for better fuel atomization).

The standard fuel rail adapter for running after-market fuel regulator.

The AEM fuel regulator is able to withstand up to 120psi of fuel pressure and it bolts straight up to the fuel rail = neater and less chances of leaks.

These are three different sized orifices that came with the fuel regulator.  The rule for change the orifices: Bigger the orifice = less chances of fuel pressure spike (due to bigger fuel pump) but more sensitive in adjustment of fuel pressure (meaning harder to do minute adjustment)

Extracted from AEM installation manual:
 "A common problem that occurs when using a fixed orifice in a “universal” regulator is that the fuel pressure cannot be effectively controlled when the fuel pump volume is significantly higher than stock. In the case of too small of a discharge orifice, there is a large pressure spike associated with rapid deceleration because the orifice cannot flow enough fuel when the diaphragm is fully deflected to the open position. This causes a momentary rich condition, which may lead to a rough idle quality until the pressure stabilizes. Conversely if the discharge orifice is too large the adjustment is difficult because the response of the fuel flow out of the orifice is too rapid which makes the adjustment screw too sensitive. The AEM regulator is packaged with three orifice sizes, .100”, .150” and .200”."

Since I am using the in-tank version of the Bosch 044 fuel pump. I had changed the orifice to .150" size (it came installed with .100" size).

 The installation is quite straight forward. Bolts up just like a stock fuel regulator :)

28 October 2012

Rigid Muffler Ring

Got myself some Rigid Muffler Ring as replacement for the rubber type I was using.  It is suppose to reduce the vibration of the exhaust system giving it a better flow.

 Mid pipe
 End of mid pipe


To make life easier, spray some WD40 / Lubricant when removing and installing the muffler rings.

25 October 2012

EG6 Rear Disc Upgrade

My friend just scrapped his EG6 (COE is up, didnt make sense to pay $US56,000 to be allowed to drive for only another 10yrs..). So he passed his 282mm rear brake disc kit to me.
Stock Rear Disc
Upgraded rear disc

Comparison of the stock disc vs the upgrade disc

The brake disc seats well onto the rear hub.

 The kit came with a 'dog bone' to offset the rear stock caliper.

The issue I had is that after installing the 'dog bone' the bracket for the brake cable was in the way of the caliper.  This will not allow the caliper to move freely.  Had to grind down the bracket to make space for the caliper movement.

After that, everything bolts up nicely.

 I have yet to push hard on how it is going to affect the braking.  Personal thoughts is that after upgrading my front brakes to the spoon twin-block, I should upgrade the rear to match, but whether if this is too big a upgrade which may cause over-steer, I will have to find a chance to test it out.

So far for slightly harder than normal braking on the straight, the braking felt more controlled than before, there is less 'dipping' towards the front.  More "importantly", it looks better than have having the puny disc in the rear ;p

21 October 2012

Radiator - Mishimoto X-Line (Full size)

Got the Mishimoto X-Line radiator (DC2 radiator) as the replacement for my leaking Koyo R2028.  I could not get the R2028 as KOYO has cease production for the R series radiator for the DC2 and the replacement model are V series which are 36mm thick instead of the R series which are 53mm thick core.

Anyway, the package was great; the radiator was well protected in the soft foam enclosure.

 The weldings were alright.

Mishimotor has offset the top post of the radiator to prevent fitting issues.  On the koyo, the top post are welded in the centre of the radiator, which may cause fitting problems.

Mishimoto and Spal combo

Performance wise, there isnt much difference from the Koyo R2028. So I guess it's a good replacement.

17 October 2012

EG6 Fender R (inner) 74101-SR3-000

Manage to get a new inner fender as replacement.  It is a simple job, so not going to have any description on the installation.  Just couple of pictures

 Part no. 74101-SR3-000 (right side)

The old torn and worn.

In placed :)