20 September 2011

Wheel Alignment

Just got my alignment done at Kenny Wheel Alignment. Professional and Fast. As you can see, all they are just wheel alignment. Located at AMK Autopoint 04-15. Highly recommended :)

18 September 2011

B series Injectors

Just for comparison sake between the injectors from B16B and B18C Spec R.
Left: B16B Right: B18C Spec R

Both are OBD2 injectors, which means the injectors plugs are different from the OBD1. These are high impedance injectors and supposely able to withstand up till 120psi of fuel.

The nozzle is slightly different. But I don't think it will affect the spray pattern though.

11 September 2011

Subframe Brace

Got the subframe brace installed recently to prevent the rear subframe from fracturing due to upgraded Rear Sway / Anti-Roll bar upgrade.  I wasn't expecting any improvement in handling, but the rear does seem to be behaving better than rear tie-bar I had.

Squeaky Suspension

I was running full polyurethane setup for my rear suspension and it was "squeaking" quite a bit went going over speed bump. To stop the squeaking ('Rubber' rubbing against metal), I decided to spray the polyurethane area with silicone grease; BAD IDEA!  The squeaking got worse. Even traveling on relative flat road, the rear suspension was squeaking like crazy.  

Essentially what happened was that I got rid of the grease that was present was the silicone grease, therefore the squeaking got worse.  

If you are still running original rubber inserts, use the red rubber grease.

For polyurethane, I used Energy Suspension Formula 5 Prelub which came with my Energy Suspension kit. 

For my Skunk2 LCA, I applied the Formula 5 Prelube at the area pointed.

I applied the read rubber grease at the area where the springs are seated.

In my case, I had to take the suspension setup apart to applied to areas where the polyurethane/rubber meets the metal.

No more irritating squeaks!

So if you are installing polyurethane or replacing rubber inserts, do apply the required grease.