29 September 2010

Red EG6

Official date as a owner 24 Jul 2010 :)

Thanx to the previous owner, Melvin. He had restored most of the car to a very good state, including the interior, no forgetting the fantastic paint job. The car runs fantastic, no major problems, just some wear and tear which is expected of a near 20 years old car. I will continue with the restoration and slight modification to the interior, but first I will be sending her in for a bit panel beating to get a better fitting for the headlights, bonnet and rear bumper.

Reliability comes first, follow by comfort before performance ;)

Red EG6

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  1. In my country, so step E36, and many are looking for. In my country, this car uses b16b engine, and not a few that have been replaced with b20b VTEC. The car is not forgotten in my mind. nicee