06 December 2010

Rear Stabiliser Bar (aka Anti-Roll Bar aka Sway Bar) link bushing.

I mentioned in my camber kit upgrade that it advisable to make use of the chance to change some of the bushing. The rear stabiliser bar link is one of the them. Just pics to illustrate what I was referring to.

Stabiliser Bar Link
 This is the rear stabiliser bar link unbolt from the rear lower control arm. The bushing is slightly worn and deformed.

Rear Stabiliser Bar End Bushing
Here u can see the worn bar end bushing.

Link Bush
The new bushing to be installed with bar link.  This is a pain in the ass to install even with the hydraulic jack.

Stabiliser Bar End bushing
Again the old and the new. This is quite simple to install as the fit is not as tight compared to the bar link bushing.

New Bar End Bushing installed

Part no.
Rear Stabiliser Bar End Bush: 53216-SA5-000
Rear Stabiliser Bar End Collar:52312-SE0-000
Rear Stabiliser Bar Link Bush: 52314-SH4-000

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