24 July 2011

AVID Engine Torque Mount

Avid Engine Torque Mount

Got this as replacement for my Engine Torque Mount

It is labeled as Front Stopper in the Service Manual. 

The finishing isnt fantastic, but nothing I can see that will result in failure (cracks, etc). Anyway, it is out of sight once installed.

The original Torque Mount.  I understand that some believe this is unnecessary.  However, there are cases where the Engine Main mount failed and result in the engine dropping/move out of position when the torque mount is not installed. Or in a frontal collision and cause the engine to swing into the firewall.  So make your own decision if u want the torque mount ;)

In my case, the mount on the engine needs some minor bending done to the sheet metal to fit in.  You can see the area near the right bolt for how close it is.

Excellent Package - Comes with all the necessary washers, bolts and collar that you need to install the torque mount.  Installation is easy.  Although the instructions are quite clear, it will help a lot if it came with a diagram/picture.

Good Performance: Reduced wheel hop during launch and much better throttle response.

VIBRATIONS!!: It will still rattle your dashboard and interior!!


  1. holysniper26/7/11 11:56

    Hi wills, is the before photo showing the stock torque mount that is in stock setup? thanks. :)

  2. Great build :)

    Do you perhaps still know with how much newton meter you need to torque these mounts?