11 September 2011

Squeaky Suspension

I was running full polyurethane setup for my rear suspension and it was "squeaking" quite a bit went going over speed bump. To stop the squeaking ('Rubber' rubbing against metal), I decided to spray the polyurethane area with silicone grease; BAD IDEA!  The squeaking got worse. Even traveling on relative flat road, the rear suspension was squeaking like crazy.  

Essentially what happened was that I got rid of the grease that was present was the silicone grease, therefore the squeaking got worse.  

If you are still running original rubber inserts, use the red rubber grease.

For polyurethane, I used Energy Suspension Formula 5 Prelub which came with my Energy Suspension kit. 

For my Skunk2 LCA, I applied the Formula 5 Prelube at the area pointed.

I applied the read rubber grease at the area where the springs are seated.

In my case, I had to take the suspension setup apart to applied to areas where the polyurethane/rubber meets the metal.

No more irritating squeaks!

So if you are installing polyurethane or replacing rubber inserts, do apply the required grease.


  1. Anonymous19/8/12 23:46

    Thanks broo ive been wondering whats that squeaking noise because i just put a set of new blox LCA as well n lowered springs

  2. Glad it helps.
    Apparently the black polyurethane bushings are better as there is carbon content which has better 'lubricating' properties

  3. Anonymous5/1/13 02:45

    Thanks so much for this priceless information, it helped me alot..
    By the way, if we DIY, do we need to take out all the parts that we need to apply or just jack it up and apply on it?

  4. Yeah, u need to remove the parts so that u can apply the lube to the affected area.

  5. Anonymous6/1/13 03:06

    Thanks bro, i think i'll pay for labour, not enough tool to take out all of them :(
    Maybe the mech in my country sux, i've took my car for those mech here, (they said all the skru/nut ok,but dunno why it sounds sqeaky.)

    One more question, do you apply inside out? I mean apply even inside the nut hole of the lower arm/ camber?

  6. you have to apply to the rubber/bushing, especially areas in contact with metal.