30 July 2012

EG6 Torque Mount aka Stopper reinforcement

My stock torque mount gave way just a tad over 1 year of installation.  Got a pair as replacement.

Left Stopper Part No.: 50842-SR3-N10
Right Stopper Part No.: 50841-SR3-N10

The original design is quite flimsy, especially the left mount.  The thin rubber would be able to hold against hard driving.

To strengthen it, I stuff some fuel hoses into the gaps to reduce the flex of the mount.

Next I filled up the gap with some polyurethane.  I went for the marine grade, hoping that it can withstand the weather better.

I tape up one side of it before pumping the polyurethane in to prevent it from flowing out the other end.

Once done, leave it alone for a couple of days for it to be fully set.

The reason I am not filling it fully and using hoses, is because I dont want to it to be too stiff.  If the mount is still soft, I can alway fill up the hoses with polyurethane to increase the stiffness :)

I had a pair of this, but it was way too stiff for daily usage...


  1. Hi bro,

    After replacing the torque mounts, what changed? Did gear-changing improve?

    Reason is mine is broken as well, and I'm not sure if I really need to fix it hahaha


  2. It reduces the engine movement till certain extend.. which means more power transfer to the road.