21 August 2012

Moroso Oil Pan

Finally replaced my leaky oil pan and gasket today.


Moroso Oil and Hondahabit Oil Pan Gasket
Instead of using the original oil pan gasket, I got the Hondahabit Oil Pan Gasket instead.  Based on the positive reviews from Honda-tech.com and claims by Hondahabit, this gasket will not leak and is reusable. The material seems to be some sort of fiber-like material and is unlikely to deform under pressure.  Although with proper installation and using stock oil pan gasket, the leaks can be eliminated, it doesnt hurt to use better alternatives ;).

Flywheel Cover
With the moroso oil pan, the stock aluminum flywheel cover will not fit.
The edges will get the way
'some' grinding will be required to be able to fit back the flywheel cover.
You should grind down the edges so that flywheel cover can slide over the oil pan.
You should be able to slide it about a inch over the oil pan as the pic above

Wrong application of gasket glue = leaks. Previous handy by another workshop.  Gasket glue should be only applied to the area where there is a groove (4 points).
Clean off the glunk before installation of the oil pan and gasket
Installed the studs that I ordered with the hondahabit gasket.  Instead of using bolts and nuts combination, most will be nut down.  Take note 1) that there are two bolt holes on the crank pulley side which will not allow the installation of the studs as the holes are threaded through 2) On the oil filter side, the area where the flywheel cover is bolt on:  The hondahabit studs cannot be installed as it is too long and gets in the way of the flywheel cover.  Therefore, threes holes will still require the use of the original bolts.
Remember to apply sealant on the drain back plug to prevent leaks and after the installation of the oil pan, it requires about 4.5L of engine oil.

Thanx to Ben aka URACO for the tips on the installation :)

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  1. Good thing you had the luxury of the uninstalled block stiffener aka flywheel cover.
    I bust my balls grinding it after removal so that I could get the whole installation done within 2 hours.

    - Ben aka Uraco :)