04 January 2011

Air Intake

This is the previous air intake piping with APEXI air filter.

I was thinking of changing the Air Intake, until I came across a used PasswordJDM Kevlar Air Intake for a good price.  Initially, I was just going for the looks and I wasn't expecting any significant performance gain... Boy was I wrong!  The throttle respond improve significantly after the installation!

One thing to note though, the PasswordJDM Kevlar Air Intake is bit on the soft side. You can easily press down on the intake.  Anyway, I feel that any aftermarket air intake which is shaped the same will provide the same kind of throttle respond.  So if u wanna save cost, just get any cheaper alternative and couple with a good filter :)


  1. Anonymous2/2/12 17:44

    hey nice blog...fellow eg owner here do you think the top fuel ait intake will provide same improvements? although its not kevlar

  2. For me, I find the Top Fuel Air Intake may not be ideal as the volume increment is not gradual (The canister), thus the air flow may have a lot turbulence.

    Based on a lot reviews, apparently the velocity stack works wonder. Currently I testing the long ram air intake with velocity stack.

  3. Anonymous20/2/12 18:16

    thanks man...good thing i haven't bought it yet...i was based there in sg from 2008-2010...got my eg here in the philippines....you can check this site out as the seller is selling the top fuel filter but a little expensive

  4. Anonymous20/2/12 18:26

    email me if you have some parts for sale =) yellowd15@ovi.com