04 January 2011

Battery relocation - temp job

I was kind of busy and wasnt able to update much recently ;p

Anyway, I have connected up the batteries for the time being just to get it going.

Dont mind the messy wiring, this is just a temporary solution until the rest of the parts arrive. 

Basically, just connect the batteries in parallel. Positive to positive and the negative to the ground.  U can use any part of the chasis as ground, as for me I have choose to use the strut tower as my grounding point.

As what I had in mind, I was able to place back the 'boot box'.

Running the wires to the engine bay take a lot more effort as I had to remove all the seats to run the wires under the carpet. 

I had choose to drill a hole at the firewall to run the wire through. I have clear area just next to the air-con exchanger drainage.  Remove the glove box first to make your life easier if u want to drill a hole to run your wires.

I used a proper wire grommet to prevent water from entering the cabin and also to prevent rubbing on the wire.

View of the wire grommet from the engine bay.

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