28 June 2011

CF Bonnet restoration... kind of

Manage to get a used Varis CF bonnet for a reasonable price, but as u can see it was in a bad state.

The left side of the bonnet is after I have spend time sanding it down and right side was the original state when I got it. The lacquer were peeling off in spots all over.  My plans was to have it spray-painted so the condition didnt bother me much. However, I decided to try to restore it for fun (So I thought)

I used a couple grade of sand papers: Grit 240, 500, 800, 1200 & 2000 for the job. 

During the sanding job, always do it in a single direction for each grade of paper. eg. Up & Down or Left and Right. Basically, just sand it in a perpendicular direction to the previous grit.

This is so that u can see if u had managed to sand down the area properly.  If u did, u should only see the sanding lines in the same direction.

This is the result after grit 240 sand down. 

I did wet sanding for all the different git of sand paper.  Basically just wetting the surface and sand paper with water regularly.

After I got down to grit 2000, I use rubbing compound to buff it with a DA machine.

This is the final result, not a fantastic job ;p.  Total time spent 10 hours.

The comforting thought is that at least I know I got the foundation done right before sending it to the professional for respray!

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