04 June 2011

Bumper Gap quick fix

Since the EG is almost a 20 yr old car, it is inevitable that front collision had occurred before. Most of the time the support for the bumper maybe broken or the bumper beam may be removed (for better air flow) after the accident.  This may result a ugly gap between the headlights and the bumper like mine.
Broken Bumper Support

Front Bumper Beam

The quick and easy fix

The gap is quite obvious between the side light and bumper.

First remove the side lights by removing the single screw holding the side light in place.

Then remove the bolt to the side of the headlights.

I used a L-bar with a drilled a hole as a support for the bumper. 

Push up the bumper and secure the bolt in place with a spring washer.


Reinstall the side lights and you are done!


It ain't perfect, but it sure looks better than before and its a real cheap fix.

The reason for the L-shape bar is because the shape gives a better strength and the material is easier to saw and resistant to rust. The thickness of the material used is about 3mm thick.


  1. Anonymous27/3/12 19:29

    custom L bar or something that u can get from hardware shop?

  2. yapz, got it from a hardware shop.