30 January 2012

Fender bolts

Got these "fender bolts" at a fraction of the price of aluminum fender bolts. (Use the aluminum fender washer if using for areas where higher strength is needed or u got a deep pockets ;). 

The washer is manufactured by pressing out of the metal sheet, so it is hollow at the back. Which is good as it acts as a spring washer.  But not advisable to use it for area where high strength is needed.

PasswordJDM Fender Bolts vs Cheap Ass 'Fender' bolts

Nope, this will not add more hp to your engine!!

I would replace all the washers with the aluminum type if I had the cash to do so ;p


  1. Anonymous1/6/12 18:31

    Hi, where you get that cheap ass fender bolts? :)


  2. Get them from fastener/screws/nuts and bolts suppliers/shops :)