05 May 2012

EG6 PasswordJDM Power Chamber repair

Filter Side
This is what happens when u are over-zealous in tightening Kevlar stuff that does not have reinforcement.  The damage was done by a green-horn mechanic when he was putting back my intake... (Not going to let anyone touch my intake from today onwards..)

Throttle body side

 I got some woven mat fiberglass and resin for the repair.  Epoxy resin would be prefer as it adhere better as that was likely used for the power chamber, however resin was readily available for me.

Woven mat was used as it is thinner and easier to work with, and the intention is not to build up thickness but to repair and reinforce.

 Laid 2 - 3 layers all round the opening.

Filter side repaired and reinforced

Excess was cut off before it was fully set. 

Throttle-body end repaired

Now the ends are stiffer and less likely to crack.  If you own one of these, you may want to consider doing the same for reinforcement to prevent cracking.

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