01 May 2012

EG6 Wiper Washer Motor (Front and Rear)

Got new wiper washer motor as the rear wiper washer motor was getting weak.

Front wiper washer motor part no. 38512-SF0-J01
Rear wiper washer motor part no. 38512-SB0-J01
Rubber grommet (Water tank bush) part no. 38519-SB0-003 (need one for each motor)
Total cost is about USD$80

The motors are located behind the inner fender splash shield.

There isn't any bolts holding the motor in place, the installation just requires it to be 'clipped' in place.  Therefore, just a flat screwdriver to ply it out.

For installation, just reverse the steps. The plugs are specific, they will only fit the correct motor.

New wiper washer motor installed

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