25 October 2012

EG6 Rear Disc Upgrade

My friend just scrapped his EG6 (COE is up, didnt make sense to pay $US56,000 to be allowed to drive for only another 10yrs..). So he passed his 282mm rear brake disc kit to me.
Stock Rear Disc
Upgraded rear disc

Comparison of the stock disc vs the upgrade disc

The brake disc seats well onto the rear hub.

 The kit came with a 'dog bone' to offset the rear stock caliper.

The issue I had is that after installing the 'dog bone' the bracket for the brake cable was in the way of the caliper.  This will not allow the caliper to move freely.  Had to grind down the bracket to make space for the caliper movement.

After that, everything bolts up nicely.

 I have yet to push hard on how it is going to affect the braking.  Personal thoughts is that after upgrading my front brakes to the spoon twin-block, I should upgrade the rear to match, but whether if this is too big a upgrade which may cause over-steer, I will have to find a chance to test it out.

So far for slightly harder than normal braking on the straight, the braking felt more controlled than before, there is less 'dipping' towards the front.  More "importantly", it looks better than have having the puny disc in the rear ;p


  1. good upgrade dude. didnt know the COE costs so much...

  2. yeah, kind of suck to have a nicely done up car being scrapped..

  3. Looks better using brakes kit. More looks exciting, from the previous brake, it looks small. attractive upgrade.. :)