21 October 2012

Radiator - Mishimoto X-Line (Full size)

Got the Mishimoto X-Line radiator (DC2 radiator) as the replacement for my leaking Koyo R2028.  I could not get the R2028 as KOYO has cease production for the R series radiator for the DC2 and the replacement model are V series which are 36mm thick instead of the R series which are 53mm thick core.

Anyway, the package was great; the radiator was well protected in the soft foam enclosure.

 The weldings were alright.

Mishimotor has offset the top post of the radiator to prevent fitting issues.  On the koyo, the top post are welded in the centre of the radiator, which may cause fitting problems.

Mishimoto and Spal combo

Performance wise, there isnt much difference from the Koyo R2028. So I guess it's a good replacement.

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