24 September 2014

Come Back

Had new paint job recently. Had the old putty removed and sanded down :)
Favourite part is the brand new SPOON CF Bonnet. The bonnet is real light compared to the Seibon, and it is very rigid (No drooping of bonnet when prop up). However, the finishing of the bonnet and the CF layering is not as good.  There were a lot of dips on the bonnet and it only had resin finish, thus its doesnt really shine.  I had to get lacquered for four layers to get rid of some of the dips.  It is purely function over form kind of CF bonnet.


  1. Anonymous27/9/14 13:40

    So it was your car which was spraying at AMK Autopoint! Was admiring your car whenever i went by haha. (:

  2. yapz yapz, favourite spray painter :)

  3. Anonymous7/10/14 19:31

    nice blog....oh so you paint your car already? thumbs up for this blog!!!!