27 March 2011

EG6 Air-con mod part 2

After sorting out the wiring for the air-con system previously, I discovered my air-con condenser was punctured which caused it to be leaking.  It presented a good chance to swap out to a bigger condenser and rework on the installation.

The new condenser is 23"x13" and 1/2" in thickness.  Comparing to the old condenser on the left :).  Be mindful of the size of the fittings for the hose when choosing your condenser.  The cost of the condenser and fittings is about SGD$80 and is easily available.

Its properly secured to the chasis using nuts and bolts instead of cable-ties.  The single 8" will be sufficient and there is enough space for a additional one, if the needs arise.

I managed to wire the radiator fan to operate when the compressor starts working for better cooling efficiency.

No more sweat during hot afternoon traffic jams!! 


  1. nice job bro...can I ask u, what size condenser fan did u use ?

  2. I am currently using a 10" fan.

  3. bro i from malaysia..where u buy the new condensor?