24 March 2011

Valve Adjustment; aka Lash, Clearance


Got the instructions from civic-eg.com for the valve clearance adjustment. :) Just follow the instructions in the forum.

Checking the clearance on the intake side.  

It was varying about 0.002"-0.004" difference before the adjustments which is causing the engine to be noisier then usual.

Do remember to make sure u have your car park overnight before commencing the job.  If not, the measurements will not accurate due to heat expansion.

The difference after the adjustment??

1) Engine is quieter
2) The AFR readings are more stable now and fluctuate less then before, which resulted in a smoother ride.
3) The feel in power increment is significant.


  1. hi, possible to share where did you get the tools locally ?

    Particularly the feeler gauge and the adjustment nut?

  2. The feeler gauge can be bought from any hardware shop, it can bought from shops around kranji loop area. U can get the feeler gauge and the specialised tool for valve clearance adjustment from ebay too. In my case, a simple size 10 common link and flat head screw driver was used.