24 March 2011

Rad Fan addition

This is the KOYO radiator that is currently fitted in the car.  It was meant for the DC2.

The main fan is the original EG6 fan which will not bolt on directly to the radiator.  So it is recommended to get the DC2 fan to make things easier.  As u can see, in my case, "brackets" will made to fit the EG6 fan on the radiator.  

Additionally, I will added a 12" aux fan for the sake better air-con cooling as the condenser seats just behind the radiator.  This is not because of trying to lower the ECT further.

Just having the main fan and the upsized radiator maintained the ECT at about 80C (176F) in the hot afternoon sun (ambient temp. of 32C locally). 

The aux fan clearance from the stock exhaust manifold is about 15mm.  While the main fan shroud has to be cut slightly to clear the manifold.

Another to note about the DC2 radiator is that the return hose is lower that the EG5 radiator.  This causes the hose to stretch and rub against the gearbox mounting.  Therefore, I had a aluminum pipe machined to extend the length of the hose to over the rubbing.

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