21 May 2011

S300 ECU swap

Just got a P28 ECU prep by HA Motorsports for the S300.  My Hondata S300 is working fine with my current ECU.  But there is a reason, why I decided to spend the money to get a professionally done P28 for the S300.

Top: HA Motorsport P28 Below: Old P28

Old (left) and New (Right)

Old (bottom) and New(Top)

The reason for the swap is show in the pics below.

Old P28

Above is the picture of the board of the old P28 I was using.

Look closely and u will see the shoddy workmanship on the board. The soldering around the capacitors is really bad.  

To me it is like a time bomb, u never know when a circuit like this will fail!!

HA Motorsport ECU for S300

The circuit board and capacitors looks really new!!

S300 Module

S300 module installed!!

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