04 February 2012

Braided line and removal of fuel filter

It is time to change the fuel filter, I thought that I might as well remove the stock fuel filter and relocate it.

As I am going to do it with braided line and AN fittings. I will need to cut the stock fuel line and add a hard line adaptor. 

Mini Tube Cutter

I got the mini tube cutter to work in the confine space.

Cut Line

As the fuel supply line is 5/16, I got the hardline adaptor to convert it to -AN6.  

There is another way to convert the hardline to AN fittings which involves using a tube nut, tube sleeve, AN to AN adaptor and a VERY expensive 37 degree flaring tool. This method will be able to withstand at least 1000 psi.  The hardline adaptor i used for my application can ONLY withstand up to 200psi.

Do you have above 200 psi of fuel pressure? ;)

Anyway, this step is likely to be same for most people if they are to going to relocate the fuel filter with AN fittings.
In my case, I have a high pressure fuel pump/fuel surge tank in my engine bay.  The fuel goes to the fuel surge tank before going to the fuel rail. Therefore my filter is placed before the surge tank.

Slightly cleaner look without the stock fuel filter.

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