12 February 2012

Seat bolts: re-thread

M8 x 1.25
The thread on the bolts securing the seats were round after multiple removal and installation of seats in the car. Which makes it a PITA when I need to remove the seats for some jobs.

The thread size for the bolt are as in the caption for the pictures.
M10 x 1.25
Old bolts with rounded threads.
 New bolts with spring washers
Taps for M8 x 1.25 and M10 x 1.25 threads with the tapping tool.

Since the threads are rounded on the bolts, it means the threads on the car are in bad condition. Therefore, I had to re-thread all the holes.

 When the holes re-thread and using new bolts, it is much easier to bolt and unbolt the seats.
Need a bigger washer..

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