05 March 2012

Beware: Fake Skunk2 Pro Series Throttle Body

I recently came across a fake Skunk2 Pro Series Throttle body and I couldn't find any information on this.  Therefore, this post is meant for your awareness.

The pic above taken from SKUNK2 website is the REAL Skunk2 Pro Series Throttle body (Comes in black or hard anodized).  The thing I noticed about the fake, was that the minor details like the machine chamfers round the edge was missing, it was just a straight edge unlike the original as point out by the red arrows above.
I was lucky that I have been staring at the TB for months (couldn't afford one ;p), therefore I was able to notice the difference.

So take note, before parting out your hard earn cash for fakes.  

Note: This is not a post to promote SKUNK2 products, but as a means to keep everyone aware that there are fake SK2 TB in the market.

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