19 March 2012

EG6 Fender Brace

I decided to get the fender brace to reduce the flex between struts and the A-pillar area.  By comparing the few generations of the CIVIC, you can see that the A-Pillar moves closer to over the wheels over the years.  I have drawn a straight line down the A-pillar to illustrate the difference.  So guess which civic has the least flex.

Picture edited from SuperStreetonline.com
Picture edited from SuperStreetonline.com

Just got this set of fender brace from Ultra Racing (best bang for buck and easily available locally) to re-enforce the area between the struts and the A-pillar.  The installation should relatively straight forward but tedious.

I have ordered new door hinges, so that I can get everything done in one shot.  Since the hinges is likely to giving way soon.

I will update again with the installations and measurements after my hinges arrives.

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