07 March 2012

Rough pedal / throttle feel

My throttle / acceleration pedal was feeling kind of rough since a month ago and just recently the throttle was not able to close fully if I let go the pedal smoothly;  I had to give it a quick tap before it will close.  The solution is usually to replace the throttle cable (SGD$35).

In my case, I suspected that it is mainly due to the lack of lubricant on the cable.  The area I choose to lubricate is the part where it is exposed the most.

 Remove the rubber boot.

 Using lithium grease

 Apply generously to the cable around the area covered by the rubber boot and exit.
Fit back the rubber boot

In my case, this simple lubricating process resolved my rough throttle issues and saved me some cash and time.  So do try this before deciding to get new throttle cable as replacement.

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