08 April 2012

Crush washer and o rings

I am running dual bosch 044 fuel pump setup to increase my fuel pressure and intend to change the fittings and hose to braided line and AN fittings (items in the post ;p).  

Therefore, I had to remove some parts for measurements and test fit.  When I installed everything back, the fuel was spraying all over! Not leaking but spraying.

Lesson learned: Always use new crush washers and o-rings when installing high pressure fittings.

Petrol resistant 12mm Teflon Crush Washer and 60mm O rings

Instead of using the common copper crush washer, I went for the Teflon Crush Washer instead.  As I find copper crush washer tends to 'cut'/'scar' into the aluminum fittings quite a bit, whereas the Teflon is softer and does not leave any cuts on the aluminum fittings.
Copper and Teflon washer on the fuel pump check valve

Deformed crush washer

  This happens when u over tighten :p

Deformed Teflon Crush washer and Used Copper Crush Washer. As shown in the picture, you have to be a bit more careful with the Teflon crush washer when tightening.

Reason for new O ring: The old one was flattened and loose.

The Teflon Crush washer is working very well now.  The advantage is that it is less abrasive to the aluminum fittings and it is relatively easier to install, just be careful when tightening.

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