27 April 2012

EG6 water hoses

I was doing my routine check and realised something is wrong with the bypass outlet water hose (part no. 19508-P08-000).  The part going to the intake manifold was bloated and it felt softer than the rest of the hose.

The reason was that the inner wall was cracked and water is slipping into the outer layer.  It won't take long before the hose bursts.

These are my old radiator hoses.  It seems shorter than it was suppose to be, therefore I had a extension fabricated.  As for the red silcon tape and cable ties, it was meant to prevent abrasion against protruding fittings on the gearbox.

Luckily, I bought some 'SAMCO' hoses sometime back as spare ;)

Fits very well and the length is correct, as the clearance from the gearbox is much better even without the extension I had.

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