10 April 2012

Engine Harness repair

My water temperature gauge reading suddenly drops to zero during my drive today.

The cause was that the wire to the water temperature gauge was broken.  FYI, the sensor in the foreground (black) is the water temp sensor to the ecu.

Given that the harness is almost 20 years old, the wires are bound to harden and breaks off after sometime.

 It is quite simple to open up the plug and solder the wire onto it.

Just slide off the cover

And remove the pin

To make more room for the soldering of the wires and do some checks on the rest of the harness. I remove the factory conduits and black tape.

The fan switch wires were going to break, so I cut them off in order to re-solder them.. (Top)

Water Temperature Gauge Sensor plug re-soldered.

Fan switch plug re-soldered and heat-shrinked.

Part of the harness re-taped and tidied up a bit.

More black tape and conduit

Warning: Be prepare for a backache after bending over the engine bay for hours.

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