22 April 2012

S2000 Master Clutch Cylinder into Civic EG without spacer

Continuing from the previous post 's2000 master clutch cylinder prep' which I had prepare the master clutch cylinder for the installation without the need for the spacer.

For the original master clutch cylinder, the fluid line enters from the top and the fitting/thread is 10mm x 1.0 Inverted  flare

The slave cylinder has the same fitting size of 10mm x 1.0 Inverted  flare

 I had gotten the following before the install
1) -3 AN Female to 10mm / 3/8 Banjo 32" 3/16 or AN3 steel braided hose.
2) -3 AN to 10mm x 1.0 adapter for inverted flare  (Take note of the requirement for inverted flare)
3) Steel Banjo Bolt with 10mm x 1.0 thread.  Includes Crush Washers. - 0.425 inch height

The picture shows the banjo fitting on the master brake cylinder which is the same for the master clutch cylinder.

The picture shows the -3 AN to 10mm x 1.0 adapter fitting on the master brake cylinder which is the same for the slave clutch cylinder. 

Complete installation

 I used 32" of braided line, keeping the line as short as possible while allow some movement of the engine. This is for a right hand drive car, for left hand drive it would be much longer.

As the original line are mostly hard lines which will mean that there is minimum line expansion. Although the steel braided hose is used here, but line expansion will still occurs when the clutch is depressed. Therefore, longer the line = more line expansion.  So do keep the braided line as short as possible.

For the length I used for my braided line, the clutch feels, engage and disengage well.


  1. Anonymous14/8/12 03:19

    what about a aftermarket master brake cylinder as willwood 7/8 or 5/8 compact an fitting ?
    what we must use -3an to ??? and the same also for aftermarket master clutch cylinder i use tilton 3/4 75 series cylinder thanks

  2. I am not sure about wilwood fitment.

    As the -3an, it is because the stock brake line are 3/16 which is -3an size.

  3. Anonymous20/8/12 06:11

    something else what about the stock brake calipers from civic eg6 ?
    i run lines directly to the calipers and i need to know the stock caliper what fitting adapter take ?
    the threads at the calipers is 10mmx1 ? i want 3 an to 10x1 fitting with inverted flare ?
    or 3 an male union? or 3an to 3/8 npt (same as 10mm)
    i need to know what fitting must use to the stock calipers

  4. I am running aftermarket braided brake lines.
    But for your info, the calipers are 10 x 1.00mm. So u will need -3an to 10x1.00mm inverted flare fittings if u want to run direct.

    BTW 3/8npt and 10x1mm has different thread pattern and will not fit.

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