19 October 2010

Car Alarm Wiring

Think most of us if not everyone has very messy wiring under the dash mainly due to sub standard car alarm installation by the vendors. If u want to tidy up: Here is your reference to the vehicle wires for the EGs.

(BTW: A proper installed car alarm system is suppose to have the alarm system main unit hidden away where it will be difficult to find - UNDER the dash is definitely not a place that is difficult to find....)

Constant 12V+White  Ignition Switch Harness 
Starter Black/White  Ignition Switch Harness 
Ignition Black/Yellow  Ignition Switch Harness 
Accessory Yellow  Ignition Switch Harness 
Tach Blue  Distributor 
Brake Switch Green/White  Brake Switch 
Trunk Pin Green/Black (-)  Above Fuse Panel Blue Connector 
Parking Lights Red/Black  Above Fuse Panel White Connector 
Head Lamp Red/White  Steering Column 

Door Trigger Green/Red (-)  Driver's Running Board One of Two Wires 
Door Lock Green/White (-)  In Driver's Door at Door Lock Module or at Anti-Theft Module under Driver's Seat 
Door Unlock Green/Red (-) 
Horn Wire Blue/Red (-)  Steering Column, use Relay 
Windows Up LF=Red/Blue, RF=Orange/White 

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