03 October 2010

Seats: removal how-to

The is the EG6 passenger side seat. I will be showing the removal of the bracket by using this as an example, which is the same for the driver side seat.

Step 1 & 2 - remove the handles, just need to pull this out.

 Step 3 & 4 - unscrew to remove cover
 Step 5 - 7 unbolt to remove railing
note that bolt '7' is under the railing, just need slide the railings all the way forward and u will be able to assess it.
 Step 8 - unhook part of the seat cover.

Step 9 - unzip
 Step 10 & 11 - lift up the foam and u can see the 2 bolts hold onto the backrest. Unbolt these
 Step 12 & 13 - similar to the other side, unscrew to remove cover
Step 14, 15 & 16 unbolt and u are done. The bracket and railing will come off along with the back rest.

Step 17 - reverse the process to fix back ;)

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