08 October 2010

LED preview

I happened to go down to town to get some electrical parts and picked up some LED and resistors.

The picture below shows what I came up with (proto-type) when I was bored :p. I will update this post on what it is and the how-to under SGD$2.50 budget each.

Update: These are actually for the gauge clusters. I wanted to replace the original bulbs with white LEDs for the JDM clusters. BUT the result was not ideal. 
This is due to the LEDs arent omni directional enough even though the ones I picked were 100 degrees compared to normal LEDs at 60 degrees spread. On top of these, the numbers and needles looks faded with white lighting.


However, for those who are interested. Just let me know and I will post the steps in making the LED replacement.


  1. Hi, compliments for your blog! :)
    I have done this work on my tacho cluster and this is the result

    I raccomend this led for gauge cluster


  2. It looks good on the black background :), but it doesnt look as good for the white clusters. Thanx for your compliments.