10 October 2010

Guage Clusters: removal how-to

Think most of you would have known how to do this yourself. Since I was doing another how-to I decided to share this as well.
Step 1 - remove the hazard light switch.
Tip: Use a plastic 'panel remover' instead of flat head screw driver so that u wont leave any dink on your plastic panels. Its only about $5 from AUTOBACS. :)

Step 2 - remove the plug to the hazard light switch

 Step 3 - Remove the screw behind.

Step 4 - remove the two screw as shown in the picture.

Step 5 - Pull out panel. Start from centre console side, slowly nudge out the panel.

Step 6 - remove the plug to the clock.

Step 7 - Once the panel is removed, u will be able to remove the 4 screw holding the gauges and you are done.