26 November 2010

OBD1 ECU Plug - Pin Removal

I have recently acquired a Hondata S300 and realised that it can have additional signal inputs (Sensors, secondary fuel map activation, etc).  To have such functions, I had to add additional pins inputs to the ECU plugs. I managed to get a spare ECU plugs for the pins.

I tried to google for instructions on how to do this, but I only manage to find vague answers to it.  For example: insert pin - wiggle pin both ends while pulling to remove pin... So I decided to have this how to when I figured how to remove the pin effectively.

This is one of the EG OBD1 ECU plug. I have removed most of the pins except two of them for this how-to demonstration.

First of all, u have the unhook the 'clamp' at the back of the plug.

Use a small flat screw driver to unhook the catch.

Once u are done, this is how it looks like from the back.

Insert a paper clip from the front to lift up the catch and plug the pin from the back.

This is how the pin is being held in the plug. Insert the paper clip (blue in the diagram) from the front at a angle and feel for the catch (black) , lift it up and u will be able to remove the pin easily.

Thanx to Amos again for the spare OBD1 ECU plugs :).

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