07 November 2010

PLX SM-AFR installation (quick run-thru)

Did the installation of the SM-AFR today. It is actually very simple. All u need is just to get a switched (ACC 12v) power source and a ground to power up it up.

I was lucky that a bung was already on the exhaust piping, thus saving me the trouble to get another bung welded to the piping. Therefore it just screwing the O2 sensor and route the harness thru the chasis.

This is the power supply wiring the SM-AFR. Simply just tap the red wire to the switched power source (12v at position II at the key switch) and the black to ground.

A TIP - There are 5 unused slots at the fuse box under the dash. (See where the black and yellow wires with the blue crimp?)  It is numbered 5 - 4 - 1 - 2 -3 from the left.

5 - Constant 12v
4 - Constant 12v
1 - 12v when key is at position II
2 - 12v when headlights are switch on
3 - 12v when key is at position I

I used the source from slot 1 (third from the left) for the power supply the SM-AFR.

After that is done, its pretty much just plug everything into the sensor module :) and u are good to go.

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