21 November 2010

Skunk2 Camber Kits and Rear Lower Control Arm

Finally got to install my camber kit and rear lower control arm today.  Anyway, I got the camber kits to adjust the uneven camber all round due the lowering of the ride (coil-overs).  There are a few things I want to share with those who are looking to install their camber kit.

The one on the left is the Skunk2 camber kit and on the right is oem front upper control arm.  The red bushing next to the oem front control arm is the Energy bushing for the arm.
This the camber kit/front upper control arm with the ball joint installed. This is for reference purposes.
The OEM bushing has cracked.  (One month lead time to order  the oem replacement parts from the local agent)
Here is the ball joint with Energy bushing installed. (Thanx to Melvin, for the bushings!)

Front camber kit installed

Shown here is the rear Lower Control Arm installed.
(I noticed my anti-roll bar link bushing has worn off, = off I go to the local agent)

Rear Camber kit installed

Done! Personally I like the Skunk2 rear camber kit as it is very well built, so is the rear LCA which has very good machining design.

Stuff to get before going to the workshop to have your camber kit or Rear LCA.installed:
1) Replacement bushing - do order a set of bushing before install your camber kits, make use of the chance to replace all the worn bushing. Especially the front upper arm and rear anti-roll bar link bushing. It will take about a month time if u order from the local agent. Alternatively, you make use of this chance to replace them with Energy bushing. Of course, do check if the workshop u are going to is able/willing to replace the bushings for u.

2) Do check your rear coil-overs or suspension if it is for EK or EG.  This will determine which LCA to get.

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