05 November 2010

PLX SM-AFR with DM-5

I am suspecting that my engine is running slightly rich, which lead to me deciding between the PLX and Innovate AFR.

Innovate was presented as more programmable and easier interface for datalogging, while PLX was recommended by HONDATA but its more expensive ( which I intend to use for tuning the car). After going thru tons of forum and feedbacks, PLX seems to be more gentle on the O2 sensor compared to Innovate (Both use the same sensor, but somehow Innovate has more reports on dead O2 sensor within 2 years). 

Therefore I got myself the PLX for the reliability and for trying to conform to what HONDATA recommended.

In the Box

SM-AFR with DM-5 display
Got this from E-Bay, it came with a free exhuast bung for the O2 sensor.

The harness that was included was robust and the wires are well conduit. Good quality stuff.

Lithium grease was applied by the manufacturer around the thread of the O2 sensor which is a nice touch. 

I will update on the installation again later. 

I will not be able to provide any comments on accuracy as I will not be able to do a comparison.

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