15 November 2010

Throttle Cable Swap - EG to EK

This for those looking have neater engine bay or going to change their 'rough' throttle cable for their EGs.

As the original EG throttle cables (RHD) routes from the firewall to the front of the engine and round back to the throttle body makes it looks a bit unsightly and sometimes gets in the way when working on the engine.  The solution is to get the EK throttle cable (part no. 17910-S04-Q06) which is shorter and routes thru the back of the intake manifold making the engine bay looks a bit tidier.



Step 1: Loosen nut A.
Step 2: Turn the throttle to max position so that the cable can be remove by moving the un-thread area near nut A thru the slot at the retainer.

Step 3: Once the cable is loose, unhook the end at the throttle.

Step 4: At the top of the gas paddle (Under the dash), unclip the other end of the throttle cable.

Step 5: In the engine bay, next to the master brake cylinder is where the throttle cable exit is. Twist the cable clockwise till the protruding part is facing the top and u will be able to remove the cable from the firewall.

Step 6: Install the EK throttle cable in the reverse order. 

Note 1: First adjust nut B position, so that the cable near the throttle body is not too taut. If not, the throttle will not be able to close fully. Once that is done, tighten nut A.

Note 2: I am using a Type-R intake manifold and no modification to the cable retainer position is required. I am not sure if modification is required for other types of intake manifold.

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