10 June 2012

EG K-Tuned Traction Bar Part 3

The K-Tuned control arm mounting tabs fits well onto the front LCA. Its a simple bolt on job.

With the radius bolt on.

 Good clearance for both sides of the traction bar

Take note: Do not tighten the radius rods during initial installations, make sure there is some free play before lowering the car.

After installing the radius rods, I ensured that there is some free play and hand tighten the lock nuts. Then I drove the car for a short distance to make sure the front wheels gets to settle back into their neutral position.

Once that is done, I reached under the car (four wheels down on the ground) and tighten the rod to ensure there is no free play, followed by tightening the locking nut.

Initial verdict: As my ride is on soft suspension setup for daily drive; during high speeds turns, it tends to "wobbles" slightly.  After installing the traction bar, the "wobbles" are eliminated and the car feels more controlled.  All this is before a wheel alignment is done to get the castor corrected!  

As for wheel alignment to adjust the castor, it will be a complicated process. This is because when the castor is adjusted, the camber and toe of the wheels will be affected; So do get it done professionally.

update: 18 Jun 12
1) The traction bar may work with half radiators if use the stock radiator mounting point.
2) The K-tune radiator mount bracket will not allow the Half radiator to mounted in the original position.  The radiator will be offset about 1.5 inch to the cam gears side if using the radiator mount.
3) If u have the integra radiator (full size), which u will likely to have adjusted the original radiator mounts lower then stock position.  Then the traction bar will not fit as the stock radiator mounts will get in the way.
4) Using the K-tune radiator mount bracket it will push the full size radiator 1cm / 0.4 inch higher.  Thus, you have issues closing the bonnet.  Alternatively is to lean the radiator slightly which will facilitate the bonnet closing.
5) Another solution is to weld radiator mount brackets directly onto the traction bar.

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