09 June 2012

EG K-Tuned Traction Bar Part 2

As per the previous post, my radiator mounts was in the way for the installation of the traction bar.  The mounts were repositioned previous to fit DC2R type radiator.

Radiator Mounts grinded off to make way.

Securing the bar in.

The bar in place!

The radiator mount that came with the bar has of the studs pushing against the radiator bottom.  It might just puncture the radiator in the long run.

I cut a small of my spare fuel hose and slipped it over to prevent the sharp edge puncturing the radiator.

With the traction bar and the radiator mount, it puts my KOYO DC2 radiator at about 5mm higher.  I had issues with closing the bonnet. For now, the radiator is slightly tilted towards engine to have more clearance from the bonnet.

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