05 June 2012

EG K-Tuned Traction Bar Part 1

Got my K-Tuned traction bar for the EG today. I ran into some issues when trying to install it.

Apparently the bar was too high and my radiator mount was in the way.

Since the radiator mount is in the way, the bolt holes could not align. It is about 0.5 inch off.

The distance from the top of the bar to the top mounting hole is about 5.25 inch.  It would have cleared if it was at least 5.75 inch. Something to take note if you want a traction bar that bolts right on.

In my case, I will have to cut the stock radiator mount off and use the "adjustable" radiator mount that came with the kit.(This was originally meant for K-swap EGs to relocate the radiator).

I only hard couple of hours to do this, so I have to put it off till the weekend..

Some comments about the K-tuned traction bar.
 The welding isn't fantastic. You can still see visible signs of splatter and the welding seems to be done by some amateur welder..

These tabs are only welded on one side instead of both side.

However, the rest of the supplied items like the double rod end (heim joints) on each end of the radius arm and powder coating seems to be good quality stuff.

I am just pissed that the it interfere with stock rad points so I will be required to cut them off..

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