16 June 2012

Neptune TunerView II regular: S300

Sometimes I would like to know what are the sensors reading and Hondata S300 adjustments or when the car is having erratic behavior, I can have quick check on the parameters.  Usually I would have to hook up my laptop to the ECU and mount the laptop on the dash, which can be troublesome.

Neptune RTP TunerView II Regular Dash Kit
The other solution is the NEPTUNE RTP TunerView II ;).  This kit allows me to monitor all the parameters in the S300 and its easy to install.

The unit dimension is 98mm x 60mm

Before installing, u need to set up the unit by connecting it to the computer. You can download the software from this link: http://www.hrtuning.com/software/index.php?file=TunerView%20II/ .

In the TunerView II setup, select S300 under the system option.

Next u have the prepare the connection cable. The cable that came with the unit requires a little work to it.  You will have to swap the last two wires on the right to be able to use with Hondata.

You will need the HONDATA Module which has to be ordered separately.

Connect the module wires; red to ignition (+12v) and black to ground.

Another thing to note is that the heatsink (The metal piece protruding out of the box) get very hot.  So avoid having that part touching anything when selecting a position to mount it.

Connect the USB cable to the S300.

Connect this cable to the display unit

Note: the TunerView does not comes with a box, so I have to fabricate one.


  1. Awesome, I will need to speak to you about your project in detail sometime soon.

  2. Anytime! Waiting for your Project EG6 to be ready!