14 June 2012

SPAL 30102044 Radiator Fan

SPAL radiator fan (30102044 13" puller) made in italy

Tight clearance
I had a Aux fan installed to improve the cooling. But I wanted to reduce the clutter and to have more clearance between the radiator fan and the exhaust manifold.  So I got the SPAL fan which is rated to flow at 1700 CFM to replace both of the fans I had.

Comparing the fans: stock vs SPAL.  Puny stock radiator fan motor vs huge SPAL radiator fan motor.

Do remember to tighten the fan motor before installation.

The 13" SPAL fan sits nicely on the radiator

Less clutter and more clearance!!  Surprisingly, the fan is quieter then the stock fan and the air flow is good too.  The plastic housing feels a lot more durable than the E-bay radiator fan and so is the fan motor housing.   Another thing to note is that it heavy at about 10 lbs/ 4.5 kg.

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