06 October 2010

Guage Clusters

I happened to have 4 different types of EG clusters.
 I am not very sure of the top two clusters. The top one may be from a ESI. The second one is definite a auto. (note the orange needles which lights up).

The third one is EG6 local market and at the bottom is the JDM clusters which I just swopped in.

Something I found out regarding the clusters is the front bezel (The plastic covering the clusters) are the same and the casing is different.
If u see closer at these, u will notice there is a translucent ring around the opening, meant for disperse the lights. These are not found on the JDM clusters. 

The reason for this is that the JDM clusters (including the Auto version I have) is back by thick perplex which will do the job. 

Hope this information is helpful in your search for your clusters ;)


  1. Anonymous10/1/12 01:05

    is one of them 4 sale?

  2. Anonymous4/2/14 09:58

    Let me provide some assistance if I may...

    First off:
    TOP: Has to be the EDM ESi gauge cluster with the redline of 7200-7300rpms. This gauge cluster lights up white.
    SECOND: Is most definitely the JDM EG8 automatic gauge cluster with a redline of 7200rpms. This gauge cluster lights up amber.
    THIRD: Could very well be the EDM VTi model gauge cluster with the B16 engine and thus has the higher redline of 8000rpms. This would light up white as well.
    BOTTOM: The standard JDM EG6 SiR M/T gauge cluster and is a non-SRS model with a redline of 8200rpm. This gauge cluster also lights up amber too.

    Hope that helps. - BM